Les Forts de la Liberté (Liberty Forts)
7:18 – 2009
Director: Mario L. Delatour

Christopher Columbus erected the very first fort of the Americas “La Natividad” not far from Haiti’s northern town of Limbé. The Spanish, the French and the English systematically and at different times built fortifications of their own. Following the successful Haitian Revolution in 1804, the generals of the new nation fearing the return of the old French colonizers decided to build a mountain based fortification system away from the coastal cities. Inspired by the Maroons who had sought refuge in Haiti’s towering mountains the generals erected multiple forts on some of Haiti’s highest peaks. The legacy of this policy can be seen today with the magnificent presence of the Citadelle La Ferrière, the Fort Alexandre, Fort Ogé, Fort Jacques just to name a few. In 25 short years the fathers of the new nation built 23 forts and 4 new cities.

This film was commissioned by Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism.


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