Dead or victorious but not prisoner
8 minutes – 2011
Director: Mario L. Delatour

On July 28th 1958, three former Haitian army officers accompanied by five American nationals invaded Haiti from Key West, Florida in an attempt to topple the new presidency of Dr. Francois Duvalier. The American media dubbed the whole affair as the The Sheriff Invasion! This film examines the lives of the men who staged this bold attempt particularly that of its leader Captain Alix Pasquet.

This is an important film considering that following this tragic incident where 15 men died; Duvalier was able to tightened up his grip on the country and gave himself full powers! It is this failed invasion which gave birth to the “Tonton Macoutes”, Duvalier’s dreaded militiamen. Out of the 14 attempts to unseat “Papa Doc”, Captain Pasquet’s invasion is the one that came the closest to threatening Duvalier’s power base. The film will examine how an expeditionary force of 8 men was able to take over an army barracks with 50 soldiers adjacent to the National Palace and why this bold coup attempt failed to gain support.  For 29 years the “Tonton Macoutes” celebrated “July 29th” as their anniversary!

This short preview was sponsored by the Fondation connaissance et liberté (Fokal) and Ms. Youri Mevs. The short is narrated in English.



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